- Guarantee
All our products are guaranteed for 1 year, they will be repaired or replaced free of charge upon presentation of your proof of purchase . After this period or without it, any repairs will be invoiced to you.

The wear of the embroidery being natural and dependent on the care given to your jewellery, its replacement is not taken into account by our guarantee. However, our Embroidery Rework service will allow you to change your threads as you wish.

- My jewel is broken, what should I do?
I am under warranty
Fill in the form to download below as accurately as possible. Then, print the form directly and slip it, along with your proof of purchase less than 1 year old, into a carefully protected package with the items to be repaired.

I am no longer under warranty
If the period of 1 year has passed or if you cannot provide us with proof of purchase, please send this form to download below by email to the following address sav@camilleenrico.com accompanied by a photo of the damaged product , so that we can edit an accurate repair estimate. Following our exchanges and once the estimate has been validated by you, print the form and slip it into a carefully protected package with the items to be repaired. A check for the amount of the repairs must be attached to the package. If you do not have a checkbook, a credit card payment by telephone can also be organised.

Send your package by La Poste to the following address (shipping costs are not covered):

Camille Enrico store, 3 impasse Gomboust 75001 Paris

Keep the proof of deposit of your package.

For any questions, contact us by phone or on WhatsApp at +, or by email at sav@camilleenrico.com